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JEE Main 2024: Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Cutoff, Eligibility and Application form

JEE Main: Overview

The Joint Entrance Examination, commonly known as JEE Main, serves as the gateway to admissions in esteemed institutions like NITs, IIITs, and GFTIs offering B.E/B.Tech, B.Arch, and B.Plan programs. Beyond this, JEE Main also acts as a pivotal qualifier for the prestigious JEE Advanced exam, a prerequisite for entry into IITs.
Only the top 2.5 lakhs among the qualified JEE Main candidates advance to the JEE Advanced level. JEE Main Paper 1 is dedicated to B.E/B.Tech courses, while Paper 2 caters to B.Arch and B.Plan aspirants. This nationwide examination is conducted online, providing accessibility in 13 languages across India and internationally.Qualifying JEE Mains necessitates meeting specific minimum marks: 90.77 for General category, 75.62 for EWS, 73.61 for OBC, 51.98 for SC, and 37.23 for ST category students. With its broad spectrum of opportunities and rigor, JEE Main stands as a pivotal moment for aspiring engineers and architects across the country.

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JEE Main Key Highlights

Particulars Insights
JEE Main Full Form
Joint Entrance Examination (Main)
Conducting Body of JEE Main
JEE Apex Board (JAB) on behalf of NTA
Courses Offered
  • B.E./ B.Tech
  • B.Arch
  • B. Planning
Total Number of Questions
  • B.E/B.Tech  - 90
  • B.Arch         -  82
  • B. Planning - 105
Total Questions to be Attempted
  • B.E/B.Tech  - 75
  • B.Arch         - 77
  • B. Planning - 100
Application Mode
Exam Mode
Computed-Based Test (Pen and paper-based for Drawing section in B.Arch)
Number of Exams
Twice a year
Exam Duration
3 hrs (3 hrs & 30 mins for –B.Arch and B. Planning)
Medium of paper
13 languages- English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu
Marking Scheme
Correct answers score 4 marks, incorrect answers lose 1 mark. No marks deduction for unattempted questions.
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JEE Main Eligibility

To apply for JEE Main 2023, aspirants must meet specific eligibility criteria as set by the conducting authority. The criteria are outlined below:

Educational Qualification

  • To qualify for JEE Main 2023, candidates must fulfill the eligibility criterion of passing a 10+2 or equivalent examination from a recognized board including Math, Physics, and Chemistry.
  • B.Arch candidates must complete their senior secondary(10+2) studies with Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry.
  • Candidates aspiring for B.Plan must have completed their 12th-level exams with Mathematics as a required subject.
  • For admissions in NITs, IITs, and GIFTs, a minimum of 75% in class 12th is essential, while Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe candidates must meet the 65% criterion.

Age Limit

  • For JEE Main 2024, there’s no age restriction. Eligibility is open to candidates who completed Class 12th in 2022, 2023, or those currently appearing in 2024.

Number of Attempts

  • The permitted attempts for JEE Main are three. If unsuccessful in the first attempt, two more attempts are allowed.
  • Candidates participating in both sessions within a year are considered for a single attempt. The higher score among the two is utilized for ranking purposes.
Particulars Details
senior secondary (10+2) or equivalent examinations from a recognized board.
Passing year of qualifying exam
candidates who completed Class 12th in 2022, 2023, or those currently appearing in 2024.
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry/Biology/Biotechnology/Technical Vocational Subject

Age limit
No age limit
Number of Attempts
JEE Main Eligibility

JEE Main Syllabus

JEE Main 2024, the syllabus is based on the revised NCERT curriculum of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry for classes 11 and 12. Look for the syllabus PDF on upon its release. It encompasses 40% from Class 11 and 60% from Class 12.
  • The JEE Main Syllabus for Paper 1 (B.E./B.Tech) is structured around Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  • JEE Mains Paper 2A (B.Arch) syllabus encompasses Aptitude, Drawing, and Mathematics.
  • The syllabus for Paper 2B (B.Planning) encompasses Mathematics, Aptitude, and Planning-focused questions.

JEE Mains Reduced Syllabus

NTA released the JEE Main 2024 syllabus, aligning it with reduced portions from national and state boards, and NCERT. This led to the exclusion of specific chapters in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.
11 chapters got removed from the JEE Main syllabus, including significant deletions in Chemistry (8), Maths (2), and Physics (1).

Chemistry Syllabus

  • Physical Chemistry
    • Some basic concepts in
    • Chemistry
    • Atomic Structure
    • Chemical bonding and molecular structure
    • Chemical Thermodynamics
    • Solutions
    • Equilibrium
    • Redox reactions and electrochemistry
    • Chemical Kinetics
  • Inorganic Chemistry
    •  Classification of elements and periodicity in properties
    •     P-block elements
    •     d and f block elements
    •     Coordination compounds
  • Organic Chemistry
    • Purification and characterization of organic compounds
    •     Some basic principles of organic chemistry
    •     Hydrocarbons
    •     Organic compounds containing halogens
    •     Organic compounds containing oxygen
    •     Organic compounds containing nitrogen
    •     Biomolecules

Physics Syllabus

  •     Physics and Measurement
  •     Kinematics
  •     Laws Of Motion
  •     Work, Energy and Power
  •     Rotational Motion
  •     Gravitation
  •     Properties of Solids and Liquids
  •     Thermodynamics
  •     Kinetic theory of gasses
  •     Oscillations and Waves
  •     Electrostatics
  •     Current Electricity
  •     Magnetic effects of current and magnetism
  •     Electromagnetic induction and alternating currents
  •     Electromagnetic Waves
  •     Optics
  •     Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
  •     Atoms and Nuclei
  •     Electronic Devices
  •     Experimental Skills

Maths Syllabus

  •     Sets, Relations and Functions
  •     Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations
  •     Matrices and Determinants
  •     Permutations and Combinations
  •     Binomial Theorem and its Simple Applications
  •     Sequence and Series
  •     Limits, Continuity and Differentiability
  •     Integral Calculus
  •     Differential Equations
  •     Coordinate Geometry
  •     Three-dimensional Geometry
  •     Vector Algebra
  •     Statistics and Probability
  •     Trigonometry

JEE Main 2024 B.Arch Syllabus

The syllabus for JEE Main 2024 B.Arch Mathematics section aligns with the engineering paper. Details regarding the Aptitude and Drawing syllabus are provided below:
  • Aptitude
    • Awareness of persons. Buildings, Materials. Objects, Texture related to Architecture and Build-environment Visualising three-dimensional objects from two-dimensional drawings.
    •     Visualizing different sides of three-dimensional objects.
    •     Analytical Reasoning Mental Ability (Visual. Numerical and Verbal)
    •     Three-dimensional Perception: Understanding and appreciation of scale and proportions of objects, building forms and elements, colour texture harmony and contrast Design and drawing of geometrical or abstract shapes and patterns in pencil.
    •     Transformation of forms both 2D and 3D union, subtraction rotation, development of surfaces and volumes, Generation of plans, elevations, and 3D views of objects, Creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional compositions using given shapes and forms.
  • Drawing
      • Sketching of scenes and activities from memory of urbanscape (public space, market, festivals, street scenes, monuments, recreational spaces, etc.)
      •     Landscape (riverfronts. Jungle. Gardens, trees. Plants, etc.) and rural life.

JEE Main 2024 B.Planning Syllabus

The JEE Main 2024 B.Planning syllabus shares similarities in the aptitude and mathematics section with the B.Arch syllabus. Below is the outlined syllabus for Planning.
  •  General Awareness
  •     Social Sciences
  •     Thinking Skills
JEE Main Syllabus

JEE Main Exam Pattern

JEE Main 2024 consists of three Papers: Paper 1 (B.E./B.Tech), Paper 2A (B.Arch), and Paper 2B (B.Planning). The majority of the examination is computer-based, except for the Drawing section, which is paper-based. NTA provides exam papers in 13 diverse languages: English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.
Particulars Details
Mode of Examination
CBT Mode ( In B.Arch for Drawing provides Pen and Paper )
Duration of Exam
3 hrs (3 hrs & 30 mins for –B.Arch and B. Planning)
Medium of paper
13 languages- English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu
Marking Scheme
Correct answers score 4 marks, incorrect answers lose 1 mark. No marks deduction for unattempted questions.
Total Questions
  • B.Tech- 90
  • B.Arch- 82
  • B.Planning- 105
Number of questions (To be Answered)
  • B.Tech- 72
  • B.Arch- 77
  • B.Planning- 100
Marking Scheme
  • Correct Answer: +4 marks
  • Incorrect Answer: -1 marks
  • Unattempted Questions: 0 marks
Total Marks
  • B.Tech- 300
  • B.Arch- 400
  • B.Planning- 400

Total Marks

B.E/B.Tech (Paper 1) commands a total of 300 marks in JEE Main, with 100 marks each for Math, Physics, and Chemistry. JEE Main Paper 2, on the other hand, is worth 400 points and includes an aptitude portion with 50 questions for 4 marks each.
Subjects BE/B.Tech B.Planning B.Arch
Maths- 100 marks
Maths- 100 marks
Maths- 100 marks
Chemistry- 100 marks
Aptitude- 200 marks
Aptitude- 200 marks
Physics- 100 marks
Planning- 100 marks
Drawing- 100 marks

JEE Main Marking Scheme

Responses Marking Scheme
Correct Answers
+4 marks
Incorrect Answers
-1 mark
Unattempted Questions
0 (No deduction of marks)

JEE Main Cutoff

JEE Main 2024 Cut off will be available on after the results are released. Candidates can view the prior year’s cut off here in the meantime. The cut off for JEE Main 2023 was raised across all categories. Check the table for JEE Mains qualifying scores for JEE Advanced.
Category JEE Main Cut off 2023 Percentile
Gen- PwD
JEE Main Cutoff

JEE Main Application form

The registration process for JEE Main 2024 has been updated. Now, applicants need to access and complete the online application through one of the following options:
  •  DigiLocker Account, or
  •     Academic Bank of Credits ID (ABC ID), or
  •     Passport Number, or
  •     PAN Card, or
  •     Aadhaar Enrolment Number, or
  •     Non-Indian Passport Number.

How to Fill the JEE Main Application Form?

  • Go to the official website –
  • To begin, click on ‘New Candidate Register Here’.
  • Select the mode of registration.
  • Enter the required details to complete your JEE Main registration.
  • Next, simply click on ‘Apply for JEE Main Exam 2024’.
  • Applicants must complete the submission of essential information, including personal details, academic qualifications, contact information, income particulars, and guardian details.
  • Finish this stage by uploading the scanned photograph and signature in accordance with the instructions. Verify all information before pressing the ‘Submit’ button.
  • The JEE Main application fee can be paid using a debit/credit card or by choosing the e-challan payment method.

JEE Main 2024 Application Fee

Curious about the JEE Main 2024 application fee? Here’s the breakdown of application fees for JEE Main 2024.
Papers Category In India(in ₹) Outside India (in ₹)
Paper 1, 2A & 2B (B.E./B.Tech, B.Arch)
B.E/ B.Tech & B.Arch or B.E/ B.Tech & B.Planning or B.E/ B.Tech, B.Arch & B. Planning or B.Arch & B.Arch
General/ EWS/ OBC-NCL


How many questions in JEE Main?
JEE Main 2024: 90 questions in Paper 1 (B.Tech), 82 in Paper 2A (B.Arch). Each paper has 3 sections: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics with 30 questions each. In Paper 1 Section B, answer any 5 out of 10 questions.
What are JEE Main 2024 Eligibility Criteria?
Key eligibility norms for JEE Main 2024 are qualifying 12th board exams with minimum 75% marks for GE and 65% for SC/ST/OBC candidates. There’s no age restriction. Eligibility is open to candidates who completed Class 12th in 2022, 2023, or those currently appearing in 2024.
How many attempts for JEE Mains?
JEE Main allows three attempts. If the first attempt fails, two additional attempts are permitted. Candidates who attend both sessions within a year are considered for a single try. The highest of the two scores is used for ranking.
How many times is the JEE Main conducted in a year?
Since 2019, the NTA has been administering JEE Main twice each year, occurring in January and April, conducted exclusively online. Notably, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, JEE Main 2021 was conducted on four occasions.
Is JEE Main Syllabus 2024 reduced?
Yes, JEE Main Syllabus 2024 has been revised, removing 8 chapters from the JEE syllabus — 8 in Chemistry, 2 in Maths, and 1 in Physics. Access the latest JEE syllabus for information on the omitted chapters in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.
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